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  • Secure Military Communications

    Rooftop-to-Rooftop encrypted Military Comms

    GeO & LeO Reliable Military Standard Satellite Communications

  • IoT/M2M/SCADA Solutions

    Worldwide Total Track and Control

    Control your assets through simple GUI, and reduce cost of ownership

  • Maritime Communications


    Smooth High-Speed Internet, Voice and Video calls in open ocean, in any sea condition

  • We Deliver


    It's your decision where you need it, and it's our duty to deliver it to you where you need it


We go beyond expectations

IoT/M2M/SCADA Connectivity

Being out of GSM networks is not a problem anymore, CAPEX and Maintenance expenses can remain low while required data is transmitted reliably through satellite links

Mobile Communications

Smooth data communication on the move has always been in demand in land, sea, and Airborne. Our variety of mobile communication solutions meets every demand

Fixed VSAT

We operate hundreds of Broadband and Dedicated fixed VSAT links worldwide in KA, KU, and C-Band. Smooth operation of services, high levels of signal strength, are two factors that distinguishes our services

Our Clients

We make sure that our clients are always connected to the Internet for smooth operations.