DCS TELECOM Signed with Orange Business Services OBS

DCS TELECOM Signed with Orange Business Services OBS

DCS TELECOM has been chosen by Orange Business OBS for delivery of VSAT License, Logistics, Installation, and Maintenance of more than 70 Vessels for OBS customer “Topaz Marine” for a 2 years contract renewable, but total contract value was not revealed to public due to company policy reasons.

DCS TELECOM was chosen after OBS fail to deliver to its customer “Topaz Marine” the services that was promised especially in areas as the Caspian Sea. a rapid search for a partner to provide such services in time to avoid losing its contract with its customer returned empty, but DCS TELECOM came up with the best solution and feasible reliable quality management system that attract OBS attention enough to award DCS TELECOM this contract

Total vessels might be increased to more than 100 vessels when customer in later stages decide to add all his vessels fleet including the vessels in North Sea and Mexico gulf all to be connected to OBS MPLS network via Maritime VSAT links.

For more information about this project, please email us at: int.projects.followup@dcstelecom.us


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